District 4 Report — February 2021

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

I hope everyone is starting this year happy and healthy. Work has slowed a little, but this is a temporary problem that happens all the time. I am still looking forward to a busy spring and summer. The Metro Board recently approved a train line to connect the North Hollywood Orange Line Station to the Sylmar Metro Station. The track will go down the center of Van Nuys Blvd all the way through The City of Van Nuys.

I would like to thank District 4 Stewards Clive Hemple and Cardon Young, for keeping me informed of what is going on their jobs.

Marc Greenfield
Business Representative
District 4
O: (818) 361-7774
C: (818) 402-2853

District 4 Organizing Report – February 2021

Through a great amount of research, I have learned that in the District 4 jurisdiction alone there are 12 hotels with over 3,000 units being built. I can also report that Westfield Mall in Woodland Hills is addressing a $1.9 billion expansion and plans are moving forward to make this a union project.

Our www.Bergisgoingunion.com campaign continues to strip away journey level electricians as we work to gain a greater market share for our membership.

With all the homes being built in the Woodland Hills area residential electrical work is increasing. RYE Electric is drying up in District 4, but Helix has a decent size job off Variel, another of my targets along with Hilty’s Electric.  I am also still in talks with Don Tate Electric and Light Electric. Movement and commitments are slow-paced.

Stay safe brothers and sisters and let’s have a good year.

Brother Ben Frank
Journeyman Wireman
D4 Organizer
(626) 491-5705

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