District 3 — June Report

When I was younger, I did not recognize when I was living during times that were going to go down in history. I would carry on with my day to day life and focused on what it took to keep me and my family going. Now that I’m older, I definitely recognize that these are truly historic times. From a global pandemic, to social injustice, to a president who is completely disconnected from the realities to the needs of working families. All three of these topics are worthy of discussion, but today, social injustice is the one that concerns me most. Make no mistake, George Floyd was murdered. When I see the video of that police officer looking into the camera, you can see it in his eyes he knew exactly what his goal was.

DIGNITY and RESPECT!! Two words that should be in everyone’s vocabulary. When I joined staff two years ago after 32 years in the field, the new business manager made it quite clear that we are going to treat every member and potential member with the dignity and respect they deserve. I keep that mantra in the forefront of my mind, and not just for work, but in all aspects of my life. We all need to be a part of the change. I digress.

Jobs related on the westside, we had two tragic deaths on our construction sites. The first one was an Iron Worker who was working on the LAMP project at LAX. The other was a Roofer out at SoFi Stadium, which reminds us of just how dangerous the construction industry can be. You cannot let your guard down for a second. Be aware, stay aware. One of our IBEW stewards at the stadium “passed the hat” on the jobsite. Joe Herrera with Touchstone Electric was able to collect $1,250 from the workers, and the owner of Touchstone is going to match that amount. It is acts like that, that make me proud to be a member of the IBEW. As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve the members of the IBEW.

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