Attacks on Our Pensions, ETI Opportunities & More!

Brothers & Sisters,

Politics are in the air and will be important in the near future to our union culture and way of life. Currently, Senators Chuck Grassley and Lamar Alexander have put forth a proposal which would decimate multiemployer pension plans. If approved by the Senate, this plan would drastically increase PBGC premiums, create new co-pays and taxes on active workers and retirees and cap the discount rate which would require plans to increase contributions and cut benefits. The Butch Lewis Act, (H.R. 397) passed the House of Representatives on July 25, 2019 with IBEW support. It is the best current proposal and it does not increase premiums and impose fees on healthy pension plans to support failing plans. All IBEW Local 11 members should call up their Senate offices to encourage them to not support this bill. Click here to find a flyer with a number to call.

A plus for the IBEW and EAA is the appointment of member Jack Kayajian to the staff of recently elected John Lee, Councilmember of the 12th District, City of Los Angeles. Jack is an excellent choice for Councilmember Lee and has our full support. He is progressive, lives in the District and is active in the union. His perspective will benefit John Lee and working families throughout Los Angeles. John Lee is our endorsed candidate and I encourage you to vote for him March 3, 2020.

Finally, click here to view the list of stipends available to members taking classes and certifying in required training at the Electrical Training Institute. I encourage you to take as many as possible as much of the language we have gained in projects are specific to these certifications.

I hope this new year finds you well and prosperous.

In Solidarity,

Joel Barton
IBEW 11 Business Manager

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