Fighting for Good IBEW 11 Jobs

Brothers and sisters,

March looks to be a busy month here at Local 11. Thank you to those who responded to our request to inform the California State License Board of the need to clarify that C-10 contractors with certified electricians be the only ones to install battery storage systems. Currently, an ambiguity exists which allows C-46 solar contractors – with untrained, non-skilled workers – to install these systems. The improper installation of these battery storage systems and the related infrastructure could result in catastrophic consequences. A discussion and decision is scheduled for the end of March by the CSLB. This will have a profound effect on the future of work, which should be performed by members of Local 11.

Thanks to all the inside wireman, apprentices and intelligent transportation system members who submitted recommendations for the upcoming contract negotiations. The negotiating committee will be compiling these recommendations to present to the contractors in the next few weeks. Plan to attend your unit meetings for updates as well as an anticipated ratification meeting scheduled for the end of May. Your input and involvement will go a long way to show our solidarity to insure our NECA partners agree to a fair and equitable contract.

Local 11 continues our commitment to integrate our newest members into the brotherhood. Business Agents are specifically assigned to educate and monitor the progression of our Construction Wireman, Construction Electrician, Wireman and Apprentice classifications. Please help them welcome, inform and educate these members to our family. Remember, this is all new to them and it is up to us to show them the way. We are stronger together.

I will close by reminding all of the importance of keeping your basic dues up to date. That is the yellow receipt you get in the mail showing the month you are paid through. Remember, your card expires the 1st day of the month you are not paid. Civil Service members dues are deducted somewhat differently, but you should all receive a yellow dues receipt. When you are not a member in good standing, you forfeit all benefits you should receive from the International Union. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact the Welfare Committee in your District if you need help to stay current on your dues. Try to get in the habit of paying at least 3 months in advance. Or when you get your bi-annual vacation check, pay for 6 months. We should all be proud to present a current dues receipt when asked by a fellow union member. Remember, the first letter in union is “you”!

Joel Barton
IBEW 11 Business Manager


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