Sisters and Brothers,
We understand that our members want better communication about everything IBEW 11 does and the direction of our union. Our newsletters both in print and email are part of that effort, as is the new website we’re working on that should be ready by the end of the year.
The most important issues as of this date are the work picture and upcoming elections. With the robust work picture, we have many job opportunities resulting in unfilled calls. Organizing is working hard to fill these, but we need you, the members, to also accept these calls.
Of special note are those jobs available in the refineries. After many years of limited work in the oil fields, we have an opportunity to control it all. With our unmatched safety and work skills, we can show the owners that the IBEW craftsmen are the best. Through our NECA partners, we are offering classes and incentives for you to keep current on the certifications required to work on these sites. If you haven’t worked on a refinery project, please sign up at the ETI for the Industrial Skills Orientation class. Completion of this class will prepare you for work and give you an advantage in dispatch to one of these jobs. Our trade is the most technical of all the Building Trades, so continuing education is critical.
You will see a definitive list of endorsed candidates and propositions with the political directors’ report. All carry the same importance, but the most controversial is Proposition 6. None of us like to spend more money on gas, but the added tax not only produces jobs for Local 11 members, it also funds much needed repairs on our roads and infrastructure. Please vote NO on Prop 6.
It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your Business Manager.
Joel Barton

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