Local 11 has for some time now been on a Daybook system for the Inside Wireman. We are now going to expand that to include the classifications of the Transportation Journeyman and the Journeyman Sound installers. This new system was put into place on September 4, 2018.

There will be no changes to the way certifications (State Cert, LAQSP, RSO etc.) are handled Inside Journeyman will continue to show required certification at the dispatch window at the time of dispatch. Transportation Journeyman and Sound Journeyman will continue to show required certification at the time the referral is picked up at the Dispatch Hall. Photo copies and expired certifications will not be accepted.

None of the daybook procedures will apply to Apprentices. Their current procedures and policies will remain the same.

All procedures to sign the Out of Work Book will remain the same.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these changes.

The following procedures must be followed each day you wish to make yourself available for dispatch.

  • You may sign the Daybook one of two ways — either in person or on the Local 11 website.
  • Signing MUST be done by 8 a.m. regardless of what method you use.
  • Daybook signing on our website can be done as early as 12:01 a.m. and it is recommended you try as early as possible. If for whatever reason (bad connection, problem with your device, website issues, etc.) you are unable to sign on the website YOU are responsible for being in our office before 8 a.m. to sign the Daybook in person.
  • Be sure to follow all the prompts. For Inside Wireman enter the District number you will be present in for dispatch. Transportation and Sound will continue to be a phone dispatch and must enter the District number where you will pick up your referral.
  • To sign the, Daybook in person, you must sign the clipboard at the dispatch counter before 8 a.m.; print your name & card number.
  • This is YOUR responsibility; if for any reason you fail to make yourself available before 8 a.m. we will NOT be able to dispatch you, even if we have unfilled job calls.