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IBEW Local 11 Electrifies Middle Harbor

On a recent day, two men, Joseph Reyes and Zachary Kidman, were working their very first hours on the job as apprentices with IBEW Local 11.

Starting a new job with good pay and a good future in the center of one of the world’s biggest ports—it’s a “first day” they will remember.

The project represents one of the largest construction efforts in the port’s decade-long $4 billion capital investment program that began in 2010. By the time the project reaches completion, the consolidated area will become a 304-acre container terminal, including 55 acres of newly created land, making it one of the larger seaport facilities on the West Coast.

Ship-to-Shore Power

"The Middle Harbor project is one of the oldest container terminals within the Long Beach harbor, and they’ve decided to make that their mega-terminal,” Mike Gasper, a project superintendent with subcontractor Dynalectric, an IBEW 11 signatory, explained. “They’ve moved all their tenants around and created room for all this construction to take place. They’re putting in a new wharf that’s probably going to be in the neighborhood of 4,000 feet long when it’s all said and done. They’re filling in a new slip in there to create more land for an intermodal rail yard.”

December 11, 2013